Charity Bangles Sets

Project Gaza

RJS&Company stands with Palestine. As a business that has historically given to various charities and important causes as part of our raison d'etre, we are currently offering an exclusively charitable line of bangles sets in lieu of the genocide unravelling in Palestine. 

We will be selling a collection of five uniquely designed bangles sets as part of Project Gaza, until supplies last. 100% of the profits from the sale of these sets will be going to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund and Islamic Relief Canada.


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Calanthe // Bridal SetCalanthe // Bridal Set
Calanthe // Bridal Set Sale price$1,399.99
Amalia Blush // Bridal SetAmalia Blush // Bridal Set
Amalia Blush // Bridal Set Sale price$1,699.99
Amalia White // Bridal SetAmalia White // Bridal Set
Amalia White // Bridal Set Sale price$1,699.99
Amalia Forest // Bridal SetAmalia Forest // Bridal Set
Amalia Forest // Bridal Set Sale price$1,699.99
Wila // Bridal SetWila // Bridal Set
Wila // Bridal Set Sale price$1,399.99
Esmeralda White // Bridal SetEsmeralda White // Bridal Set
Esmeralda White // Bridal Set Sale price$1,499.99
Esmeralda Forest // Bridal SetEsmeralda Forest // Bridal Set
Esmeralda Forest // Bridal Set Sale price$1,499.99
Pandora I // Bridal SetPandora I // Bridal Set
Pandora I // Bridal Set Sale price$1,575.00
Pandora II // Bridal SetPandora II // Bridal Set
Pandora II // Bridal Set Sale price$1,575.00
Regency Forest // Bridal SetRegency Forest // Bridal Set
Regency Forest // Bridal Set Sale price$1,599.99
Regency White // Bridal SetRegency White // Bridal Set
Regency White // Bridal Set Sale price$1,599.99
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Everest // Bridal SetEverest // Bridal Set
Everest // Bridal Set Sale price$1,399.99

(p.s. get the right size)

Bangles Measurements

check your size below first before ordering to ensure the right fit.


Bangle Diameter: 2.25 in

Wrist Circumference:


Bangle Diameter: 2.37 in



Bangle Diameter: 2.5 in



Bangle Diameter: 2.62 in