Return Policy

return policy

RJS&Co does not accept any refunds or exchanges on any purchases.

All sales are final.

If you wish to refund or exchange your purchase because you no longer want/need it, we will not be able to offer you a refund, exchange or store credit | If you received your order in the mail and fail to pay duties and taxes on it and the courier company mails it back to us, you are not eligible for any refunds or credits | If you entered the wrong address at checkout and did not let us know directly, we are not responsible for sending it to the false shipping address you provided and will not recompense you the value of the packaging + shipping fees.


In special circumstances and to guarantee customer satisfaction, we will offer refunds, exchanges or store credits in the following circumstances only.

trusted delivery

The chances of your items arriving to you are slim because our shipping couriers are safe and reliable. Of course, in the case that something happens to your purchase, know that we will always do everything we can to satisfy you.

satisfaction guarantee

Not a lot of other vendors can promise to go above and beyond. Let's be real: things happen sometimes. When they do, you need to make sure your vendor is going to be there for you. No matter what happens, we strive to provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

responsive & supportive

If anything goes wrong with your purchase, we welcome you to communicate it to us directly through email. Our team is here to ensure that we get back to your concerns as soon as possible!


1. Your purchase arrived damaged in the mail.

In the case that your purchased items arrived to you in damaged condition, we offer certain solutions depending on the condition of the products. Please note that you will need to send us photograph proof that the items arrived damaged in the mail within 72 hours of delivery. If you send us photograph proof after 72 hours, we - nor the courier company - can be held liable and no refund/recompensing will be issued.

In the instance that your jewelry arrived with a piece or pieces missing but the links/jump rings and missing pieces are in the package, it means that the courier company did not handle the package with care and either dropped it or mishandled it. In circumstances like this, although the courier company is responsible for the damage incurred to the product, we will do our best to help you. Most often when pieces have come off but are still in the package, along with the jump rings/links, we will instruct you on how to repair it. This solution would not only be the quickest and most effective, it will mean that you will not need worry about shipping the product back to us so that we can send you a replacement. To show you how to fix the problem (and it is usually a very easy fix), please visit our Youtube channel here. We will also fill out a Damages Claim form on your behalf and recompense you whatever (if any) funds are returned to us by the courier company.

If the items arrived to you fully damaged and irreparable, we will recompense you the order either fully.

If the product arrived damaged to you in the mail and it was due to our own error (and not that of the courier's), we will either reimburse you or ship you a replacement order. These resolutions may differ for in-store and local purchases.

We sent you the wrong item.

If what you ordered was not what was delivered, we will send you the correct product (with no new shipping charges billed to you). Depending on the circumstances and what you had purchased, we will pay for you to ship the wrong product back to us.

You were gifted something and want to return it.

We do not issue refunds even in cases of gift-giving. Moreover, we require proof of purchase either through presentation of the original receipt or a gift receipt. We understand that sometimes we receive gifts that we would not have ourselves chosen, and for that reason we will allow store credit or exchange of your gifted item for something else of more or equal value.

You thought you knew what bangles size you were but were wrong OR we sent you the wrong size in bangles.

The resolution to this problem would depend on the situation. Because sizing bridal chooras virtually can be difficult, we appreciate that sometimes there is room for error when making custom bangles sets. We understand that since you could not try your choora on in person, the set you end up receiving may not fit. In the case that, for whatever reason, the bangles set we made does not fit even though you provided us with your size based upon our Bangles Sizing information, we are happy to exchange the bangles set for you. We will cover shipping charges. In the circumstance that you provided us a bangles size and we made it in the size you ordered but for some reason does not end up fitting you, that is no error of ours. In that case, you will be responsible for shipping charges for the exchange.

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