Simple Choora II // Grinder

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For the traditional bride, who wants no fuss nor frills: this combination of choora elements is truly reminiscent of Punjabi bridal tradition. Chooras used to be comprised of just two elements - the choora bangles, and the bindi bangles. If you want a classic choora but with a few additional, modern elements, this choora is perfect for you. 

Simple Choora II comes with a full pack of Grinder choora bangles. Grinder bangles are dyed all the way through, unlike Amritsari bangles (which are only dyed on the top). On the ends of the choora patti are: 4 bronze rhinestone gem bangles, 2 white bindi & kundan stone bangles, 2 wired pearl bangles, and 2 half-pearl choora bangles. Not each bangle is made of plastic, and this choora is not completely waterproof (only your red choora bangles are waterproof).

Chooras are traditionally made of two sizes. When purchasing, select the size that you are on your wrist. The back of the choora will be one size larger than your wrist size. For example, if you are a size 2.6, the first set of bangles will be a size 2.6, your choora patti will be a size 2.6, and the last 2 set of bangles in your choora will be a size 2.8.

Important Need-to-Knows

  • This is a ready-to-ship item, and we require 1-3 weeks (depending on the volume of orders at the time) to make your choora and prepare it for shipment to you.
  • This item is not customizable; if you are looking to go the custom route, please submit an order for a Custom Choora here.
  • This item does not include a complimentary swatch kit, as do our Custom Chooras. If you wish to request a swatch kit with your order, please first email us your mailing address, wedding date, and photos of your bridal outfit. We will provide you with the cost of a swatch kit to your address.
Size: 2.2/2.4
Color: Classic