MYRA Meenakari Karey

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Description: Statement hand-painted & gold-plated meenakari karey. Kundan stones are soldered into the base. Sold in pairs. Mint toned and accented with magenta stones. 

Care: The MYRA Karey are gold-plated. Thus, while it is better suited for those with artificial jewelry allergies or sensitivities, it may still cause allergic reactions to those with severe metal allergies and skin sensitivities (particularly in warm and humid weather). To avoid the natural wear of gold-plated jewelry, keep your jewelry in a cloth bag, airtight plastic bag, or box and polish regularly to maintain its shine with a jewelry polish. Do not store your jewelry in humid places, such as bathrooms. Avoid putting it in the same bag with jewelry made of other, different metals. On more information of how to take care of your jewelry, please visit the Jewelry Care page on our website.

Size: 2.4