ILANA Luxury Jutti

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The ILANA Luxury Jutti is perfect for any event: this shade of pink contrasts beautifully with all shades of pinks, oranges, yellows, greens and neutrals. The hand-embroidery is soft and delicate. These juttis are made of genuine leather and do stretch over time. At first, they may fit snug, but like any good pair of shoes, you'll need to wear them 1-2 times to break them in and have them loosen up and take on the shape of your feet. 

Care Instructions
Take good care of your juttis. Like with any kind of embroidery and embellishment, with wear, tear and time, the embellishments may fall off. To keep your shoes clean, dry clean them only. If the shoes get wet, be sure to sun-dry them before storing them away. 
Size: 36