RJS X Maharaja Pagdi & Swords

The collaboration that's bringing luxury sword rentals to the Greater Toronto Area

Maharaja Pagdi & Swords is an illustrious and reputed luxury sword vendor that has operated out of Vancouver, B.C. for many years. Finding high-quality, hand-made swords for grooms' has, at least in Toronto, been quite the difficult task. While the market is over-saturated with options, few offer genuine hand-made swords by generational smiths from Punjab. As part of our mission at RJS & Company Ltd. to bring luxury and aestheticized elegance to the wedding world in Toronto, we've joined hands with our friends in Vancouver to offer rentals on Maharaja Pagdi & Swords' authentic kirpaans locally in the GTA.

Contact us today to set up a consultation to curate your bespoke groomswear & sword for your wedding day. We'll chat about your vision, and if you wish to proceed forward with booking a sword for rent, we'll schedule you in for an in-person appointment to finalize your sword rental. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@rjsco.ca.