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BABY 2-Tiered Mini Kaleerey

Our best-selling mini BABY Kaleerey! These kaleerey are just undeniably adorable and so light-weight. Two tiers of beauty, these kaleerey are the perfect addition to complete your bridal look!

Details: Three small-sized tiers. Each tier is encrusted with champagne toned  polki stones. Light-weight. To customize these kaleerey, contact us directly at 

Care: By nature, polki stones are glued into the base of the kaleerey. For that reason, avoid all contact with liquids and excessive movements. Store kaleerey in a box after use to prevent any damage.


Sold in pairs

RJS&Co does not accept any refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. 

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Refunds on this item will not be administered if the product has not been taken care of the way we instruct and recommend artificial fashion jewelry be cared for. 

To try this piece on in person, book an appointment with us by visiting the 'Book' button in the Main Menu.

$99.99 CAD