Kaashni Kaleerey Attachments

Kaleerey Attachments
We are excited to announce our partnership with Kaashni to bring you the option of adding a sentimental touch to your kaleerey to honour your late loved ones on your wedding day.
On your wedding day, you want all your nearest and dearest to witness you walking down the aisle to your forever love. Sometimes, life happens and we lose those whom we love so much prematurely. Leading up to your wedding and on the day itself, it can be very emotionally difficult to come to terms with your loved one not being there. 
While it is little consolation, it can be comforting to know they are close. From personal experience, it was reassuring to know I had my dear late Naniji close, with her photos hanging on my kaleerey. 
Kaashni Kaleerey Attachments: $60.00 CAD for a pair of double-sided magnetic closure frames. Fit up to 4 1-inch photos. 
*Optional photo printing & custom fitting for an additional $15.00 CAD.

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