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We've started an exciting new project. We call it: #RJSCouplesConcept. We understand how tricky it can be to coordinate your own bridal look with your groom's. You want a seamless, harmonious and beautiful colour palette & story,  but conceptualizing colours and styles may not always be easy. We want to help you visualize looks curated especially for couples, so that you don't have to worry about what your groom will wear. 

author: ramneek sodhi

the bride's look

Inspired by the classic Indian bridal pastel colour palette, we played up and contrasted blush pinks and jade mints to complement this beautiful off-white New Delhi Company outfit. Because off-white is such a far cry from traditional Indian bridal shades such as rich reds, maroons, and plums, it's important you play up neutral tones should you opt for that palette with colours that will brighten your bridal look.  THE LOOK Jas' bridal look is soft, ethereal and elegant. We used mints throughout - from the jade stones and beads on the JADE Kundan Set to the Mint Meenakari Kaleerey to the mint AVANI Karey. To not overdo the colours and to keep the focus on the mints & pinks we did use, we styled Jas in white Kundan. This almost mirror-like vibe is so bright and vivacious, we highly recommend it to all our brides. It's not always best - stylistically speaking - to match your jewelry exactly to your outfit's embroidery. To complete the look, we opted not for a traditional red choora. Instead, we crafted a custom choora with a statement mint AVANI Kara in the middle, and blush pink choora bangles and olive thread bangles.    

You don't want to wash yourself out on a day you should stand out most. 

 Outfit: @thenewdelhicompany

the groom's look

to complement the bride's palette of off-whites, mints and pinks, we combined both the mint & blush into the groom's attire. With off-white threadwork all over the mint sherwani, the colour palettes of the two outfits could not be more harmonious.  To add masculinity and interest to the groom's look, we opted for an olive green velvet shawl. Not only does the fabric of the shawl add texture to the otherwise silks used, it also adds a deeper contrasting colour that still "works" because it's a tonal green. When trying to incorporate dark and light tones, always opt for a colour in the same colour family as your existing colour palette. An olive works here because it's a part of the mint green colour family; a red, blue, or orange, for example, would have not worked as well. 

For the groom's accessories, we kept it simple and statement at the same time. Instead of styling him in a kalgi, a haar, rings, brooches, etc., we opted for just one accessory: our RAJA Kundan Statement Kalgi.  This Kalgi, kundan and thus gold-plated, works perfectly with Jas' jewelry, which is all also Kundan as well. Avoid mixing stone and style types - if we styled our bride in Kundan, you better believe we're going to do the same for our groom. Rather than go overboard (believe us, overly matchy-matchy is a bad thing) with the mints and pinks, we kept it neutral. 

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